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300% with 3 Days Left!

Yep, you read it, 300% funding!!

Thank you all so much, our team is blown away by the generosity and ideas you have shared these last three and a half weeks! We’ve only got three days to go and then we’ll begin fulfilling rewards and starting the process of hiring the project’s champion!

In the meantime, check out all the hard work the volunteer software team has been doing! Note: you might need to be logged in for some of the features to work.

  • Users can now create very basic Growing Guides! Image uploads are coming soon, along with bug fixes, more fields to enter, and more styling.
  • Search results pages now display Crops and all the Growing Guides written for those Crops. Try searching for Onion from the homepage!
  • We’re working on importing a database of Crops, and after much discussion decided to make Crop pages “wiki-style”, with Growing Guides remaining written by single authors.

If you haven’t already, please give us a share on social media, #OpenFarm to keep the campaign going strong till the end! Here is the link:



Full Steam Ahead!

Hello OpenFarm supporters,

Thank you all for the feedback we asked for in the last update; your insight and ideas at such an early stage are invaluable in shaping this project! Here are a few things we’re focusing on because of your feedback:

  • Translation – Because most of the data in a growing guide is language agnostic (numbers and other discrete values), the amount of translation required will be kept to a minimum. We’ve already received offers from you all to help with several languages and the development team is looking into supporting this on the technical side!
  • Internationalization – Many of you have asked if OpenFarm will be able to manipulate the Timeline’s seasons and growing timeframes based on the hemisphere you live in. Yes it will! This will all happen automatically and allow a Guide written for the North to be just as relevant in the South if other prerequisites match, all with no extra work for the Guide’s author!
  • Project Blog – We have started a project blog to share updates with the whole community long after this Kickstarter ends.
  • Analytics – We added Google Analytics to the website so that the development team can identify how users use the site and how we can improve things on the technical side.
  • Email Newsletter – We’ve had our email newsletter set up since the start of this campaign and have now added a page on the site for others to sign up.

Thank you for the continued support, let me know on Kickstarter or with an email to rory@openfarm.cc if you have any questions or ideas.




Thank you all for supporting our project, OpenFarm. WE JUST PASSED OUR GOAL!!!

In a matter of only two hours, we went from $2,000 to well past our goal. Thank you to all 395 backers (and counting) for your support of this project and a sustainable future!

Many of you came from Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love” email newsletter. So THANK YOU Kickstarter for creating such a generous community, and THANK YOU ALL for following and funding projects!


A Quarter the Way There!

We just hit the 25% funding mark on our campaign!! Thank you all for backing us and taking direct action to support a sustainable future!

We’ve been reaching out across the Internet to spread the word of the project and need your help to do the same! Show your enthusiasm by:

  • Telling your friends and fellow gardeners about the project in person
  • Sharing the campaign link on Facebook and Google+ with a thoughtful reason why OpenFarm is important to you
  • Tweeting (and retweeting) your support for the campaign @OpenFarmCC
  • Posting to Reddit, can we get to the top of /r/gardening or other subs?
Thank you all for joining us in this journey!

New Deployment Now Live!

Yesterday afternoon we deployed the latest version of OpenFarm, see it live at OpenFarm.cc! Thanks to all of the volunteer software developers for making this happen! The new features and fixes:

  • Logo and search box text display properly on the homepage
  • Search box added in the header for search results and crop pages
  • Notifications for empty searches and those with no results
  • A very basic “Add Guide” page exists, but does not yet function
  • Administrative dashboard has been implemented (see below)
  • We’re now hosting with Heroku to save time on server maintenance, deployments, and scaling. Note: We still need to migrate user accounts and data from the old deployment

Continue reading New Deployment Now Live!

A Wave of Support

We’re now three days into the campaign and have raised over $900 from 45 individuals!Thank you for your support!

In addition to the financial contributions, several more people have joined the volunteer group in writing OpenFarm’s software! The ‘Guide Pages’ are now being turned into functional code, the login pages are getting a facelift, and bugs are being squashed. We’re looking forward to deploying an update soon, live at openfarm.cc, and sharing all of the progress with you!

Help Spread the Word:

Please share the OpenFarm Kickstarter campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, with your voice, or any other way you’d like to! The more people we can get watching the video, sharing the link, and getting excited, the better!

And don’t forget to follow the project online: