Monthly Archives: August 2016

August Dev Update

Team Twitches has been with us for a couple of weeks now and the work they’re doing has been fantastic. We’re seeing some great updates and their presence has been a great boost to activity on the site in general.

So where are we at?

In the last while we:

  • fixed our crop creation flow.
  • made it so that when you edit your garden the data fields are no longer blank until page refresh.
  • added the database functionality and logic to add tracking of your gardens’ crops. OpenFarm will now keep track of the stages of your gardens crops for you. Our next step here is to visualize that information in a pretty way so that you can come back to your crops from your garden and see how you did it last year. Actual tracking!
  • added the ability to specify a taxonomic group on crops
  • fixed some speed issues on the site which made it unusable for some users.
  • fixed our sign up flow
  • added better social media pages
  • fixed style problems on our home page
  • fixed our bootstrapping script for vagrant
  • and added a gitten badge

Thanks so much to Vrinda, Taneea, Mike, and @ignaciots for your awesome contributions these past few months. They’re what keep OpenFarm moving along.

Are you interested in helping out with OpenFarm? Join us on Slack to talk about how you can help: