Meet Kat and Kevin, OpenFarm’s Community Developers

OpenFarm is excited to bring aboard two Community Developers: Kat Ying and Kevin Bertolero. Kat and Kevin will focus on developing OpenFarm’s community in all respects: on the OpenFarm site, on social media platforms, and in their respective local communities and professional networks. Their goals and responsibilities are many, but here is a highlight of a few of them:

  • Build relationships between OpenFarm and other organizations and individuals in the context of content creation, organizational capacity building, fundraising, and development resources
  • Maintain and spark positive discussion about OpenFarm around the web
  • Build feedback loops between users of OpenFarm and the organization to inform our development team of where to go next
  • Host in-person content creation and site feedback meetups to strengthen local community around OpenFarm and bolster the site’s content

As you can see, the Community Developer positions are multifaceted and require a special skillset for effective execution. We are thrilled to have found Kevin and Kat to fill these roles, and look forward to where they bring us. Here is a word from each of them:

Kat Ying lives in Montreal, Canada in a beautiful collective home with her child and many wonderful people and plants. She has been exploring gardening for four years on balconies, in backyards, rooftops, schoolyards and on farms. She loves watching things grow, plants, children and communities. She is excited to get people in Eastern Canada connecting to each other and sharing their knowledge through OpenFarm. She can be reached at


Hey, I’m Kevin! As a Community Developer with OpenFarm I am responsible for engaging citizens across the globe and inspiring them to get involved in our effort. With a project this cool and useful, it sounds easy right? Well, there are hundreds of new websites and startups every day, alongside the existing ones that are already begging for your attention. I’ve gotta show people that OpenFarm is different, that we are a step in revolutionizing our current food system, providing a tool for building self-sustaining communities, and keeping accessible the vital information of how humanity grows its plants! I’m excited to join the movement and discover people who are eager to help the world change. I can be reached at



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