OpenFarm Dev Update #2

We’ve seen some amazing progress on OpenFarm – as a community, as an organization, and as a software product. We’ve been iterating over the software that powers the website and releasing updates weekly – almost bi-weekly – for the past few months, which saw a sort of culmination with our launch last week. A couple of short hours after the launch e-mail, the bugs and feature requests started trickling in. We’ve already updated the site a couple of times since the 18th, most recently half an hour ago.

Since the last time we posted a development update (November 29th), here’s what’s new on the site:

And since you asked for them since launch:

  • We added a “My Guides” page.
  • The ability to add more than one garden.
  • The ability to add Crops to a garden, as opposed to Guides only.
  • Labels of measurement. For now these are stored and saved in centimeters, but we’ll convert these based on your preferences in the future.
  • Improved the responsiveness of the website.

If you want to have a deeper look at what’s changed on the server, have a look at our releases.

What lies ahead? As always there’s a bunch of bugs to still squash, though most of them are small tweaks to usability and copy. Our overarching goals for the next few months is to create a series of tests that will allow us to update our API and catch errors with it consistently. We’re going to standardize the API, and also start refactoring some of the code base. We’ll also be ticking off things on our roadmap as we go.

Want to get involved with programming? Check out our code on GitHub!

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