Homepage Facelift

The OpenFarm development team has been hard at work giving the site a clean, modern, and unified facelift as we roll out new features. Our new homepage has an awesome video background with scenes of my friends in a community garden near my home, and also my backyard chickens! We think it is a fun, engaging, mood setting introduction to OpenFarm that we hope will make users smile.

The rest of the Homepage remains simple so as to put Search and Guide Creation front and center. Below the scroll is a Featured Section which will be populated with the most popular Crops! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new homepage. Drop us a line in the comments below!

Here are all of our mockups that lead us to this design, and thanks to the homepages of Airbnb and Instructables for inspiration! Shoutout to Ryan McLeod for helping with the design process and actually writing the code to make it pixel perfect!

Original mockup from November 2013:

OpenFarm Homepage

Mockup from April, 2014:

Homepage (2)

The latest mockup from October 2014:

Homepage (1)

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