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Our Code of Conduct

OpenFarm is nothing without our community. From software developers, to designers, to our administrative team, to our everyday users and content creators, every person is important in making OpenFarm a vibrant community full of diverse perspectives and knowledge. We want to ensure that OpenFarm is a safe space for everyone to have fun learning and sharing with others. To do so, we have developed a Code of Conduct to get all of our community members on the same page regarding what is acceptable behavior within our community.

See our Code here:

We urge other community based projects to adopt a code as well, and you are more than happy to borrow language from ours, just as we did from other projects. Cheers to healthy, safe communities!

Help us out with a Survey!

Hi OpenFarm Backers,

Our team has expanded to include a few entrepreneurship students who are working with us to develop the best service for the most people. To better understand our community, we have created a preliminary survey and would greatly appreciate your participation!

Click Here to Take the Survey

An update about T-shirts: I just got back home from my travels abroad and found that some of the t-shirts we’re returned to me because of inadequate postage. I’ll fix the issue and get them out again this week, apologies for the delay!

Join the OpenFarm Discussion on Loomio

As the OpenFarm project and community continue to grow, it is important for us to provide open tools to promote quality discussion and feedback about how best to move OpenFarm forward.

We’re pleased to now be using the Loomio platform for open discussions and consensus voting on proposals. Check out our community group (and sub-groups), sign up, and join the discussion! We welcome everyone’s input and value our community’s diversity greatly.

Some highlights so far:

Note: Technical issues and discussion related to OpenFarm software are still discussed on GitHub.

Subscribe to the OpenFarm Email Newsletter!

Hello OpenFarm Backers!

As we wrap up this campaign and our community continues to grow, it is important for us to maintain communication in an efficient way. We will still send out updates regarding the digital badges and our project champion via Kickstarter, but eventually we will phase into using our non-kickstarter based email newsletter service for other announcements.

If you are interested in receiving updates about our development, please subscribe to our non-kickstarter based email newsletter service.