Thank You – We’ve Done It!!

Hello OpenFarm Backers!

We’ve done it! We’ve crossed the finish line with flying colors! 1,605 of you came together during the last 30 days and raised a whopping $24,293 (323% of our goal) to make OpenFarm a reality.

Thank you!

I am blown away by your support.

What’s next:

  • Payments are being processed for the next one to two weeks
  • I’m going to send out a survey to gather mailing addresses and T-Shirt sizes (please respond by Thursday with your shirt size)
  • The stickers have already been ordered, and I’ll order the shirts on Friday
  • Time to start writing some thank-yous!
  • The software team has started brainstorming the Digital Badges feature
  • Rewards should be out the door by the end of September!

Some of you have been asking what the plan is for the extra funds we have raised. Here is a rough idea:

  • Total Raised = ~$24k
  • Minus Kickstarter and Amazon Fees (~10%) = ~$21.5k remaining
  • Minus Rewards and Shipping = ~$19k remaining
  • Of the ~$19k for the project, we’ll save around ~$4k for hosting fees. This may last us significantly longer than one year depending on how fast we scale.
  • This leaves ~$15k for the project champion (a part-time software developer that will likely be hired by the end of the month)


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