300% with 3 Days Left!

Yep, you read it, 300% funding!!

Thank you all so much, our team is blown away by the generosity and ideas you have shared these last three and a half weeks! We’ve only got three days to go and then we’ll begin fulfilling rewards and starting the process of hiring the project’s champion!

In the meantime, check out all the hard work the volunteer software team has been doing! Note: you might need to be logged in for some of the features to work.

  • Users can now create very basic Growing Guides! Image uploads are coming soon, along with bug fixes, more fields to enter, and more styling.
  • Search results pages now display Crops and all the Growing Guides written for those Crops. Try searching for Onion from the homepage!
  • We’re working on importing a database of Crops, and after much discussion decided to make Crop pages “wiki-style”, with Growing Guides remaining written by single authors.

If you haven’t already, please give us a share on social media, #OpenFarm to keep the campaign going strong till the end! Here is the link:



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