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And They’re Off!

Hi OpenFarm Backers,

The rewards have been sent! All of the T-shirts, stickers, and thank-you notes are now in the mail for those of you that filled out the survey with your postal address. What a sight it was to see me with a huge box of packaged t-shirts, shipping labels, and stamps coming out my ears! I was so caught up in it at the post office I forgot to snap a photo! :/

I anticipate the rewards for United States residents to arrive within the week or early next. I’m not sure how long International letters take to ship, maybe two weeks at the most? The only thing I am hesitant about is the t-shirts going through customs for international backers. Let’s hope they make it through no problem!

For the next three weeks I will be traveling in Europe for two work conferences and to visit one of the OpenFarm software developers at his off-grid farm in Spain!Because of this, I will not be able to ship out anything more until after I get back on October 18th. For the folks who have not yet filled out their survey, and those who’s packages and letters that might get sent back to me for one reason or the other, this is a heads up regarding the delayed reward delivery! Thank you for your support and being patient!

Thank you again for your support in this project! Let me know if you have any questions either here on Kickstarter or directly at


T-Shirts Have Arrived!

Hello OpenFarm Backers!

The T-shirts have arrived and they look and feel great! I’m going to get everything (stickers, t-shirts, and thank-you notes) in the mail on Monday. Digital badges are still a ways off from being implemented but the volunteer team is still moving forward quite nicely! An updated search results interface and growing guides creation pages have been of higher priority.

There are still about 30 of you who pledged to receive a reward via snail mail who have not yet answered our survey for your postal address. Please login to Kickstarter and do this by Sunday evening or you will not get your reward on time!

Have any ideas for OpenFarm or want to get involved? Join the discussion!

Considering Gratipay

I’ve recently come across a service called Gratipay. In essence, one can pledge to give money each week to people or teams for the work they are doing. What makes it interesting is that it is all based on having gratitude for the work others are doing, and for those on the receiving end, having gratitude for the Gratipay they receive. There is no limitation or rules as to how the team’s Gratipay is split up, so the system is heavily based on trust, honesty, gratitude, and openness. Another point worth noting is that Gratipay is an Open Company, whereby they themselves are funded on Gratipay and operate very much so like an Open Value Network without the accounting of value aspect, rather that is replaced by the trust model. There are some interesting blog posts from the Gratipay team on being an open company, their motivations, their challenges, and more. I read through most of them and found them to be insightful. Continue reading Considering Gratipay

Stickers are in, Shirts are Ordered!

Hi OpenFarm backers,

The stickers are in and I can’t wait to see them out in the world on your laptops, bumpers, and water bottles! I placed the order for the t-shirts on Friday and hoping they will be ready by the end of the month.

Project Updates

  • We have setup a new discussion forum and voting platform with so that all of you and our development team can share ideas, discuss features, provide feedback, and vote on how best to move OpenFarm forward! Join the discussion here. Note: there is not much there right now as we just set this up yesterday!
  • After a brief service outage, the OpenFarm site now supports and forces SSL connections (https) so that all information is securely transmitted between our servers and your computer.


Don’t Forget to Answer the Survey!

Hello OpenFarm Backers,

Please make sure you have filled out your Kickstarter survey in the next 24 hours with your mailing address and t-shirt size if applicable. I’m ordering the shirts tomorrow and would like to get everyone the right size! If you don’t fill out the survey in time, I’ll get you a Medium shirt.

A few of you have had trouble using the survey links Kickstarter has sent out. If so, please just send me an email with your mailing address and shirt size to Sorry for the technical difficulties.

Some updates on our progress:

  • Our staging server is now set up so that we can test new features without breaking the real website
  • We’re working out the details for the Account Creation Flow
  • And also the Garden Model so that users can add plants to their virtual gardens and keep track of what to do and when!
  • Search results pages now show Crops up top, and all of the Growing Guides written for those Crops below


Creating and Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign for OpenFarm

In this post I’m going review the entire process of creating and running the successful OpenFarm Kickstarter campaign. I’ll cover what worked, what didn’t, and what we would do different if we could do it all over again. I hope this helps inspire others to run their own campaigns, and inform them of what they should be thinking about and doing throughout the process.

Intentions and Metrics of Success

A common misconception is that crowdfunding is exclusively about the money – that the total pledge amount on your campaign page is the only thing that matters. Though the money is obviously a very important metric of success, it is not the only one. There are many other factors that can make you and your idea succeed.

In order to define our metrics of success, we first set out our intentions for creating the crowdfunding campaign. What is the purpose of creating the campaign? What do we want to achieve? With the OpenFarm campaign, these were our intentions: Continue reading Creating and Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign for OpenFarm

Thank You – We’ve Done It!!

Hello OpenFarm Backers!

We’ve done it! We’ve crossed the finish line with flying colors! 1,605 of you came together during the last 30 days and raised a whopping $24,293 (323% of our goal) to make OpenFarm a reality.

Thank you!

I am blown away by your support.

What’s next:

  • Payments are being processed for the next one to two weeks
  • I’m going to send out a survey to gather mailing addresses and T-Shirt sizes (please respond by Thursday with your shirt size)
  • The stickers have already been ordered, and I’ll order the shirts on Friday
  • Time to start writing some thank-yous!
  • The software team has started brainstorming the Digital Badges feature
  • Rewards should be out the door by the end of September!

Continue reading Thank You – We’ve Done It!!

300% with 3 Days Left!

Yep, you read it, 300% funding!!

Thank you all so much, our team is blown away by the generosity and ideas you have shared these last three and a half weeks! We’ve only got three days to go and then we’ll begin fulfilling rewards and starting the process of hiring the project’s champion!

In the meantime, check out all the hard work the volunteer software team has been doing! Note: you might need to be logged in for some of the features to work.

  • Users can now create very basic Growing Guides! Image uploads are coming soon, along with bug fixes, more fields to enter, and more styling.
  • Search results pages now display Crops and all the Growing Guides written for those Crops. Try searching for Onion from the homepage!
  • We’re working on importing a database of Crops, and after much discussion decided to make Crop pages “wiki-style”, with Growing Guides remaining written by single authors.

If you haven’t already, please give us a share on social media, #OpenFarm to keep the campaign going strong till the end! Here is the link: