Full Steam Ahead!

Hello OpenFarm supporters,

Thank you all for the feedback we asked for in the last update; your insight and ideas at such an early stage are invaluable in shaping this project! Here are a few things we’re focusing on because of your feedback:

  • Translation – Because most of the data in a growing guide is language agnostic (numbers and other discrete values), the amount of translation required will be kept to a minimum. We’ve already received offers from you all to help with several languages and the development team is looking into supporting this on the technical side!
  • Internationalization – Many of you have asked if OpenFarm will be able to manipulate the Timeline’s seasons and growing timeframes based on the hemisphere you live in. Yes it will! This will all happen automatically and allow a Guide written for the North to be just as relevant in the South if other prerequisites match, all with no extra work for the Guide’s author!
  • Project Blog – We have started a project blog to share updates with the whole community long after this Kickstarter ends.
  • Analytics – We added Google Analytics to the website so that the development team can identify how users use the site and how we can improve things on the technical side.
  • Email Newsletter – We’ve had our email newsletter set up since the start of this campaign and have now added a page on the site for others to sign up.

Thank you for the continued support, let me know on Kickstarter or with an email to rory@openfarm.cc if you have any questions or ideas.


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