New Deployment Now Live!

Yesterday afternoon we deployed the latest version of OpenFarm, see it live at! Thanks to all of the volunteer software developers for making this happen! The new features and fixes:

  • Logo and search box text display properly on the homepage
  • Search box added in the header for search results and crop pages
  • Notifications for empty searches and those with no results
  • A very basic “Add Guide” page exists, but does not yet function
  • Administrative dashboard has been implemented (see below)
  • We’re now hosting with Heroku to save time on server maintenance, deployments, and scaling. Note: We still need to migrate user accounts and data from the old deployment

OpenFarm Admin Dashboard
OpenFarm Admin Dashboard

Help Spread the Word

Please share the OpenFarm Kickstarter campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, with your voice, or any other way you’d like to! The more people we can get watching the video, sharing the link, and getting excited, the better!

And don’t forget to follow the project online:


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